NChord is an open-source implementation in C# of the popular Chord distributed hash table.

NChord is distributed in source and binary form as a library that may be used from within other C# applications. This distribution is a fairly mature and robust implementation of Chord that provides base distributed hash table functionality through an easy-to-use API.

The NChord SourceForge project page contains more details, documentation, download information, source control, etc.

NChord was developed by Andrew Cencini and has evolved and improved thanks to the contributions of many others along the way.

The current release of NChord is (8/6/2008)

Related Work:

ChordTopoMaps are one example of fun and interesting experimentation into a teaching tool for Chord, performed using previous versions of NChord. The Resonance project built a structured data store for use in large-scale data centers on top of Chord (a separate C# implementation that preceded NChord).